Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment

CAKASA Quality Policy

CAKASA shall continuously deliver services that meet and exceed customer satisfaction and achieve high quality works within the scope, cost, schedule, available resources and reliability as well as fulfilling regulatory and statutory requirements.

Consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations for product quality and performance.

Acknowledge employee’s self-improvement and contributions to the company.

Know who our Customers are and what they want – through open communication.

Accept continuous improvement as part of our every day and every job activities – through the use of team participation and lessons learnt as a tool for measurement.

Strive for complete understanding of our customers’ applicable requirements.

Accept only conforming products and services from Selected, Approved, Preferred or Certified suppliers in line with ISO 9001:2008


CAKASA HSE Management System

This Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) manual is prepared as a working document on how Cakasa Engineering Services Limited will manage HSE issues in the course of her operations. The HSE management system is to ensure that activities of the company are planned, carried out, controlled and directed so that the business objectives are met.

CAKASA has done hazard analysis for her scope of services and has concluded that the systems that will provide for safe execution of all activities are in place. All sources of HSE concerns have been identified and it is believed that this manual, which will be subject to review and update, is sufficient to deal with all HSE issues in the normal course of operation.

The document will be used in conjunction with other relevant Nigerian Laws and Statutory Regulations to show our commitment to good work practices.

Our HSE policy statement which is well circulated and understood by the entire workforce is drawn out as a working policy for the successful implementation of our HSE-MS which seeks to meet set targets and objectives that commit CAKASA to continuous efforts to improve our HSE performance.

Health, Safety and Environment Objectives

Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees

Reduce occupational injuries and illnesses by implementing cost effective safety and health programmes.

Promote a constant commitment to achieving safety and health excellence throughout CAKASA organization.

Sustain a leadership position in all our activities while maintaining the highest standards of Health, Safety, Environment and Security.

Implement programs to reduce loss due to equipment and/or property damage.

ceslQuality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment