OML 58 (Obagi & Obite) Cluster 15 Infill Wells

Project Details

OML 58 (Obagi & Obite) Cluster 15 Infill Wells

Client: Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited

Location: Port Harcourt

The specific roles and responsibilities carried out by Cakasa on the project were the preparation of basic engineering dossier issued to TOTAL.

Project Management, control administration and accounting reporting to TOTAL, documentation and information management, classification and checking of existing TOTAL documentation, risk management, quality and HSE management as well as endorsement, review and update of pre-project studies report and documentation issued by TOTAL during the previous project execution stages.

Mobilization to site, detailed site survey of the existing OML 058 cluster 15 location and Ogbogu flow station and demobilization from site.

ceslOML 58 (Obagi & Obite) Cluster 15 Infill Wells